The Noack NCK2 5G volatility tester is used to determine the evaporative loss of lubricating oils


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Safe and easy to use evaporation loss analyzer Noack NCK2 5G by ISL allows the most precise analysis to comply with always higher QS/QA requirements in full conformity with CEC, ASTM and IP methods.

Designed for a routine daily work in laboratories with heavy workloads in sample number, NCK2 5G analysis starts with few simple button combinations. Analysis can be started with a cold or hot heater block, significantly increasing test productivity. Smart assistance features automatically warn operator if any test device is not correctly set and the instrument carefully traces sample temperature and vacuum throughout the test, giving a digital display of each value and memory storing results.

NCK2 5G quality control advanced features - including traceable automatic calibration with block control and detailed test reports with traceability numbers for all measurement devices - comply with severe ISO 9000 quality system requirements. The temperature metal probe is provided with a printed serial number and a traceable calibration certificate. The extended local memory capacity, the connection to graphic printer and the connection with PC allow for a powerful and flexible results management.

Noack volatility test is used to determine lubricants evaporation loss, a particularly important problem in engine lubrication. Portions of an oil can evaporate in high temperature conditions, potentially altering oil properties as viscosity. A low Noack score indicates an oil that will keep its protecting quality and original performance for a higher time duration. These oils better behave in heat conditions, leading to a better engine protection, a longer oil duration and a better fuel economy.

Simple and precise CFPP analysis

  • Compact and portable, it easily moves throughout your lab, in the ideal area for your particular work flow
  • Analysis is made up of two phases - simply load the sample and press test
  • Programmable cooling profile, vacuum profile and test conditions ending, to allow for various standard and/or customised test methods
  • Real time on-screen viewing of test progress and results
  • On-screen viewing of aspiration curves and recovery times
  • In situ automatic cleaning with two solvents or according to method

5G built-in cooling: increases power and flexibility

  • Patented cooling system, fully standalone;
  • it allows analyses at ultra-low temperatures
  • it saves energy
  • it gets rid of heat, noises, connections with external fluids and refrigerants toxic vapours from external cooling units
  • Instantaneous test start and jacket according to stepwise or linear cooling profile
  • Instrument configuration allows the manual analysis for cold behaviour accessories kit for cloud and pour point available for manual analysis of these properties

Reliable performance and quality

Automatic calibration with software for calibration frequency; capability for probe correction

  • It stores automatic calibrations recorded during time with results
  • Tested and proven duration for a long-term operation
  • Houses and enhances the most severe quality control programs

The Noack NCK2 5G volatility tester is used to determine the evaporative loss of lubricating oils.

- Excellent analytical performance through a precise control of sample temperature
- Smart temperature probe keeps trace of offsets and calibrations
- Enhanced quality control and calibration features
- Multiple safety features, including an automatic check of any leaks before analysis
- High safety level
- Fully equipped unit in compact dimensions

  • Volatility
  • Base petroleum products
  • Compounded engine oil
  • Gears and transmission oil
  • Impact absorption oil
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Hydraulic fluid

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