At European Technology, our expertise in laboratory testing equipment spans a wide range of industries, helping to meet unique needs and specific challenges.

Our flexibility and expertise allow us to offer tailor-made solutions for different areas, ensuring the highest accuracy and reliability in every application.


We support petroleum industries by providing installation, testing and maintenance services for petroleum product analysis equipment. Our decades of experience position us as a leader in ensuring accuracy in laboratory analysis, contributing to operational efficiency.
We offer state-of-the-art instrumentation for the analysis of crude and derived petroleum products. Our range of services includes calibration and calibration to ensure reliable results, enabling optimal management of your processes.


We actively collaborate with public entities by offering analytical solutions tailored to the unique challenges they face. Our dedication focuses on optimizing analytical processes and providing advanced instrumentation to ensure high accuracy and reliability in results. In addition to specialized consulting, we are committed to providing data management services to support decision making, promoting transparency and effectiveness of public policies. Our mission is to actively contribute to improving environmental quality, public health and safety by providing public agencies with the tools they need to achieve their community service goals.


The complexity of petrochemical processes requires advanced analytical solutions. We support your operations by providing specialized instrumentation and services to ensure quality and safety in your petrochemical processes. Our commitment to accuracy is evident: we ensure that instruments are accurately adjusted to ensure reliable results in chemical analysis, contributing to your regulatory compliance.


Safety is one of our top priorities. We offer state-of-the-art laboratory testing solutions to support the specific needs of the defense sector, contributing to the research, testing, and maintenance of critical equipment. We are proud to be a trusted partner in ensuring the safety and operational readiness of the armed forces.


In the lubricating oil industry, quality is essential to ensure the proper operation of machines. We offer comprehensive services, from calibration to laboratory analysis, to ensure that lubricating oils meet the highest standards. We are committed to preserving the integrity of machines and extending the useful life of lubricating oils.


Corrosion prevention is a key element in many industries. Our expertise in corrosion extends from providing advanced instrumentation to specialized consulting. We offer customized solutions for corrosion analysis and management, ensuring the durability and reliability of materials.

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