In the laboratory testing equipment landscape, European Technology stands out for its commitment to providing customized solutions. We are here to ensure the precise satisfaction of your company's needs by providing focused advice, in-depth training and ongoing support to ensure the effectiveness of your laboratory operations.

We recognize the importance of being able to carefully evaluate our products before purchase. We offer the option of requesting a DEMO OF OUR INSTRUMENTS, allowing you to test and evaluate their efficiency and adaptability to your company's specific needs. This option allows you to make informed decisions and ensure the best integration of our solutions into your operating environment.


Lovibond® LC100 and SV100 Automatic Colorimeter

The Lovibond® LC100 Automatic Colorimeter allows you to set and maintain color standards during every step of the production process. Lightweight, easy to handle and ready to use, it is an essential tool for ensuring quality consistency.

Cetane Ignition Delay CID 510

Accurate analysis of derived cetane number (DCN) is critical for refiners and blenders of diesel and biodiesel fuels. The Cetane Ignition Delay CID 510 provides reliable assessment of cetane levels, ensuring consistency of blending and quality of derived products, which is critical for efficient and reliable operation.

OptiFPP Filter Point Analyzer

For accurate cold filterability point determination, the OptiFPP Filterability Point Analyzer offers reliability and accuracy. It is an essential tool for ensuring that fluids maintain their fluidity even at low temperatures, ensuring optimal operation of systems and processes.

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