The Micro Distiller PMD 110 allows you to perform distillation analysis thanks to a fast and reliable response.


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Fast and reliable micro-distillation

Developed in collaboration with researchers from most important universities, ISL PMD 110 is an innovative solution for a distillation analysis with fast and reliable answer. It complies with ASTM D7345 and is in perfect correlation with ASTM D86 (groups 0-4), D1160, ISO 3405 and IP 123. Based on an innovative micro-distillation method, PMD 110 determines the characteristics of the boiling interval for any commercially available petroleum product, including light and medium distillates (process streams) in less than 10 minutes and using only 10 ml sample.

Due to its compact design, sturdy and portable, PMD 110 is easily installable in laboratories or it is ideal for on site placements, for refining, refining process control, fuels mixing, research or mobile (monitoring fuels adulteration and fast qualitative screening) applications.

Unique physical micro-distillation, for a fast on-site analysis

A completely automatic process, together with a smart built-in heating mode allows for a true "one button" operation. This makes PMD 110 exceptionally flexible to process "unknown" samples (research work) and also very accessible for staff with limited training and exposure to lab equipments (e.g. inspections/customers' spots).

Fast distillation, high throughput

- Immediately start the analysis without thinking about flask and measurement device set up or about heater power set up
- Receive your results in less than 10 minutes
- Locally display and store the results, or send data to a printer, a PC software or a LIMS network
- Run up to 5 analyses each hour, starting a new analysis immediately after ending the last - you don't need equipment conditioning and cleaning

Smart analysis

-A pre-analysis or a programming are not required- the sample type is automatically recognised and proper heating method and data management are applied
Fast results validation using flexible user-defined criteria and the automatic pass/fail notice
The sensibility enhanced to contamination levels is perfect for fuel screening
The sophisticated built-in quality and calibration functions assure a full results traceability
The patented design gets rid of cooling unit, receiver and volume measurement; the distillate condenses into discharge bottle
continuous self-monitoring and many safety features assure a compliant operation

Reliable operation and support

- Construction quality and reliable operation supported by a limited warranty on parts and service
- Selling and maintenance services by experts from PAC's worldwide network of authorized factory-trained representatives

Advanced technology: Innovative micro-distillation principle

PMD 110 by ISL reaches significant improvements of answer times as compared with the conventional ASTM D86 method, by determining the complete distillation curve based on phase transition and evaporation data, thus removing the condensing process. The method based on fundamental thermodynamic properties consists of measuring changes in vapour and liquid temperature, while monitoring the pressure into a special micro-distillation flask, as the sample gradually distils at atmospheric pressure. During the distillation cycle, the measured vapour pressure characterizes the product flow rate via the hydrodynamic process in the capillary. Immediately after the analysis completion (it's considered completed when the pressure inside the flask comes back to its initial pressure level), distillation characteristics are calculated from collected data by a detailed report, ASTM D86 compliant. This principle is universal, reliable and applicable to any petroleum product, without previously knowing its properties. To start a test you don't need to set up the heating power or a group selection. You don't need to correlate any given initial specific temperature for the sample, since the loaded volume is not physically compared to collected volume.

ASTM D7345, ASTM D86 (groups 0-4), D1160, ISO 3405, IP 123

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