Lovibond instruments are widely used in the oil and grease industry.


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Oils and fats

A high quality processing in the edible oils and fats industry depends on reliable analyses. Since a big proportion of production is internationally commercialised, both suppliers and sellers need a common and easy to understand language to determine product quality. One of fundamental quality determinants is product colour.
The use of Lovibond® colour measurement instruments assures this essential communication. Colour is measured from the starting materials reception to the finished product and, for more than a century, Lovibond® instruments helped industry to attain its quality goals. Measurement techniques are widely used to assess product colour by comparison to a representative set of fixed colour standards.
Lovibond® colour scale provides an easily understandable method to locally and internationally express colour values. This is because the scale is easy to understand and communicate and allows for an easy assessment by plant operator. It's the only three-dimensional colour scale internationally accepted; offered in a both visual and electronic instrument. Reliable and repeatable analysis results are the key to assure final product quality and also to minimize production costs. Analysis rate too can be vital for an efficient process control. Operation simplicity helps to reduce error and increases productivity.
Lovibond® colour measurement instruments are strictly associated with oils and fats industry and date back from late 1800. Reliable and suitable for demanding requirements of edible oils production facilities, each instrument is designed to render the analysis easy, accurate and repeatable. Many thousands of Lovibond® instruments are today installed in oils and fats refineries and service providers all over the world. They assure this vital industry goes on growing and prospering. Lovibond® instruments are specified in international standards: ISO15305, AOCS Cc 13e-92, AOCS Cc 13j-97, BS684, JJG758.

Colour analysis made simple

The three Lovibond® colorimeters described below are automatic and easy to use instruments. No need to build calibration curves, since they are already available in the instruments. The large clear LCD screen allows to view graphs and data in a large language variety and the easy to use menu system drives operators through the operating parameters choice. Measurements start by simply pressing one button. Accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data provided by instruments allow for narrower colour specifications and greater colour constancy, giving the companies the needed confidence to take important decisions about high value stocks and refining operations. When you measure Lovibond® colour, the exclusive 5 ¼ inches path length assures precise colour measurements, without multiplying errors.

PFXi-995Complete data on colour

PFXi-995 provides objective and error-free colour data in compliance with a wide range of field consolidated scales, as well as CIE values and spectral data. It's ideal for companies who manage a large choice of product types with various colour specifications, particularly in the central analysis facilities or in independent test laboratories. The instrument is easily customisable to display only those scales of interest for the user.

PFXi-950 Fundamental colour scales for oils and oil derivatives

PFXi-950 includes both Lovibond® Colour and AOCS Tintometer® colour scales internationally accepted for oil analysis - as well as Gardner Colour for industrial oils, derivatives thereof and specific products such as sunflower oil.

PFXi-880: Automatic Lovibond® Colour or AOCS Tintometer®

Colour PFXi-880/L and PFXi-880/AT are automatic versions of Lovibond® visual instruments and are designed to satisfy the growing demand of coherent and objective colour data. PFXi-880/L express colour in terms of Red, Yellow, Blue and Neutral, which constitute Lovibond® colour scale; PFXi-880/AT provides colour data according to AOCS Tintometer® colour scale, a modified version of Lovibond® scale for red and yellow. On both instruments results can also be displayed as CIE values and spectral data.

ISO15305, AOCS Cc 13e-92, AOCS Cc 13j-97, BS684, JJG758

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