The Comparator 2000 is a short-distance (up to 40 mm) instrument for visually matching specimens with relatively dark colors.


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The Comparator 2000 is a short-distance (up to 40 mm) instrument for visually matching specimens with relatively dark colors.


  • RCMSi - Remote calibration and maintenance service via internet
  • USB and LAN interface
  • Large clear LCD screen for easy of use and possibility to view graphs and data in a large language variety
  • Wide but flexible choice of standard colour scales
  • Remote upgrade facility to add scales once it is operating
  • Allows calculation and description of off-hue status
  • Provides the closest matching to stored references
  • Generates a customised colour scale from reference samples
  • Very rugged, chemically resistant, steel construction
  • Easy maintenance with removable sample chamber
  • Supplied with colour control software for data analysis
  • Output conforming to GLP including date, time, sample & user ID
  • Accommodates a range of sample cells and tubes

Wide selection of standard colorimetric values

The PFXi-195 Series of colorimeters automatically measures colour and displays results directly or according to traditional measurement scales, largely adopted as industrial standards for colour assessment and control, or in terms of internationally recognised CIE values and spectral data:

The upgrades of colour scales provide flexibility to comply with individual requirements, allowing to add further colour scales to instrument standard version, both at the order placement and remotely, once the instrument is operating. For products that are incompatible with standard colour scales, PFXi-195 allows users to build a customised scale from a series of reference samples and then obtain the closest concordance to stored references.

RCMSi Technology (Remote calibration and maintenance service via internet)

PFXi series includes new RCMSi Technology (Remote calibration and maintenance service via internet). This unique feature allows to acquire a calibrated measurement using an ISO 17025 certified liquid standard The spectral answer is transmitted to safe Lovibond® calibration server. At the end of this procedure, a traceable calibration certificate is electronically available for the user. RCMSi system not only gives the user the added confidence that the instruments is working within the severe ISO standards, but also reduces the need for an expensive in-situ assistance and preventative maintenance of the unit.

Colour analysis made simple

The PFXi-195 Series provides easy to use instruments, which do not require any special skill to operate them. The integrated menu drives users through the choice of operation parameters such as the colour scale. After that, readings are performed by only pressing the button once and requiring less than 20 seconds to complete them. Built-in help files are available.

Easily customisable to user's specifications

The adjustable software and design allow users to configure PFXi-195 Series to their requirements. Operators can set up the displayed language, program PFXi-195 to only show interesting scales or to limit system menu access. As with standard colorimetry cells, PFXi-195 can be used with a range of tubes and cells for standard, flow-through and single-use spectrophotometer.

Calculation and description of off-hue status

The PFXi-195 off-hue status is a useful feature which reveals if the sample colour is characteristic of the selected scale. Where appropriate, it includes a description of the hue difference (e.g redder, greener), of the relative saturation (stronger or weaker) and a off-hue factor (a relative measurement of the gap in the colour space of the sample colour from the "real" colour scale).

Adapted to laboratory or production environments

The complete features for colour handling make the PFXi-195 Series an ideal choice for your lab. However, with its excellent calibration stability, the password protection for the anti-tampering control and the easy operation, PFXi-195 also supports migration of quality control to production area, making it a cost-saving option for dedicated analyses in production. For an easy maintenance, Lovibond® PFXi-195 Series includes a sturdy steel sample chamber, easily removable and cleaned in case of spillover; the filament precision lamp is easily accessible and replaceable from the outside.

Optimized use of colour data

Data sets can be saved in the instrument, printed or directly downloaded to a PC, where they can be processed and stored for future analysis, traceability and trend monitoring. The colour control software provided with PFXi-195 allows to generate spectral and CIE diagrams, as well as spectral data analysis. It also allows the direct instrument control from computer.

Confidence in colour measurement

For a regular conformity verification, certified colour reference standards are also available, for routine certification and analysis data verification. Conformity filters are provided with a Compliance Certificate which states their colour values and confirms they have been produced and inspected according to ISO 9001 quality system by The Tintometer Ltd. The certified colour reference standards are provided with complete traceability to internationally recognised standards: ISO/IEC 17025 (ASTM colour, Saybolt and Gardner colour) or to ISO 9001 quality system (Pt-Co units).



Standard colour scales


Liquid chemicals & industrial oils

Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, Gardner, iodine, CIE values, Spectral data


Petroleum Oils and Fuels

Saybolt, ASTM Colour, Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, CIE values, Spectral data


Dark oils and fats

FAC, Gardner, CIE values, Spectral data


Birres, malts and caramels

EBC (CIE e 430 nm), ASBC (CIE e 430 nm), Series 52 (Marrone), CIE values, Spectral data


Pharmaceutical solutions

European Pharmacopoeia (includes automatic selection of colour series), Farmacopea USA, Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, CIE values, Spectral data


Industrial Oils & Surfactants

Klett colour (blue filterKS-42), Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, Hess-IvesColour Units, CIE Values, Spectral Data


Sugar Solution, syrup and honey

ICUMSA colour (420, 560, 710 nm), Honey colour (Equivalents Pfund), Serie 52 (Marrone), CIE values, Spectral data


Waters & Waste Waters

ADMI (Spectral & Tristimulus filter methods), Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, CIE values, Spectral data


Clear samles

CIE values (standard selection), L*C*h Colour Space, Hunter L a b Colour Space, Spectral data

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