The Comparator Oil Comparator (POC) Comparator 3000/AF 650 allows chromatic analysis.


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3-field color measurement according to the ASTM D1500 colorimetric scale

The new oil comparator (POC) Comparator 3000 / AF 650 is an enhanced model of the previous Lovibond# instrument that combines the strengths of both previous instruments with numerous significant advantages:

  • Appearance and ergonomics are improved;
  • It is made of fire-retardant ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, ideal for industrial environments;
  • No waste of energy and light bulb;
  • The light source is halogen and long-lasting;
  • The power source is low voltage;
  • Disk values are read directly from the disk;
  • The disc can be removed easily but safely, allowing replacement if necessary;
  • A new replaceable white insert is included with each instrument, to ensure that the correct lighting levels are preserved;
  • When necessary, you can order packs with 3 replacement white inserts;
  • The sample chamber is easily removable and allows a quick cleaning of the inevitable spills.

A single-scale and 3-field instrument for visual color measurement by direct comparison of the sample with standard Lovibond# glass color, housed in a pair of discs. The advantage of a 3-section field of view is that the sample and two consecutive glasses on the colorimetric scale are displayed simultaneously, making it easier to achieve optimal color matching. For quick color measurement within predetermined color limits, glass standards can be set to the two limiting colors, so you can easily check if the sample falls within tolerance. Tungsten halogen light source is color-corrected with CIE standard C illuminant, which ensures constant lighting conditions for color measurement.

The samples are measured in 10.65 mm diameter transparent glass tubes.

ASTM D1500, ISO 2049, IP 196, DIN 51 578, BS 5859, JIS K2580, NFT 60-104, NBN T52-109, FTMS 791 102

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