A ball-on-plate reciprocating friction and wear test system, assessing the performance of both fuels and lubricants under boundary conditions.


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  • Preloaded with standard diesel fuel lubricity test procedures CEC/ASTM/ISO
  • Wear scar assessment with the standard specimens requires only one measurement
  • Only a small volume of lubricant is required – tests can be carried out on field collected or experimental fluids; film formation by boundary additives can be observed by electrical contact potential (ECR) changes
  • Fast, repeatable friction and wear measurement
  • Independently proven repeatability and reproducibility
  • Fully automated, microprocessor controlled test sequence
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Small, compact bench top system
  • Available with mini-printer option or full computer controlled software
  • Optional automatic recording of humidity and air temperature at start and finish of test using built in digital humidity probe
  • Calculates WS1.4 where necessary

ISO 12156, ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688

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