OptiFZP makes it possible to determine the freezing point of the sample under analysis.


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OptiFZP enables determination of the freezing point of the sample under analysis.

  • Productivity and ease of use are improved;
  • The new screen is touch and the electronics are advanced;
  • Freezing point determination is accurate and precise, resulting in less than 15 minutes;
  • The design is compact, with a built-in cooling system and self-cleaning.

Next-generation ISL | PAC generation freezing point analyzers offer innovative technology used by laboratories around the world. The powerful internal cooling system can reach down to -100°C (-148°F) without the need for an external cooling bath. The unique and patented sensing cell provides ultra-high precision measurement while maintaining its small footprint. The newly developed OptiFZP includes a color touchscreen and advanced electronics that enable network printing and data transfers from the analyzer to the PC.

Compliant with ASTM D7153 and IP529 standards

Perfect correlation between ASTM D2386 and IP 16

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